12/15/2010  -  Dan I would like to know  if you could possibly put chords on an email of where my fingers would go to play for example: Silent Night I am asking this just so I could understand the mechanics a little better. Thanks in advance! Dan 8/16/2010  -  Jason Hi Max. I am really enjoying playing this. The light weight and ringing rich tone of it solo is really cool, and it’s very easy to play. The fretless doesn’t throw me off at all, if I play a barre or slide I just tilt it down a bit so the fretless note is good and the frets are still working. Anyway, glad you’re making alternatives to the norm and I’ll certainly follow along to see what is going on. Certainly pedal and setting tips like we are discovering would be cool to mention. 8/16/2010  -  Fritz The Bassimer is awesome! I'm having a lot of fun with it. I would like to know the string gauges. I might get a de-tuner for the low      D, to switch between an E and a D. So, I might try a slightly heavier string for it. Response: The string gages are: D - .068 A - .040 D - .024 Hi D - .011 D - .024